Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My top 5 favourite bloggers

Hi guys.
I know its been ages, its actually been exactly 5 months since i last posted on here. Life happened but hey I'm back. I've fixed the laptop and I'm back online and i couldn't be happier to dive back into the realms of blogging!

What better way to celebrate being back online than with a post dedicated to other bloggers.
So here are 5 bloggers over the years I've religiously read, stalked and loved.

 Billie Rose
Billie Rose is the beautiful blog written by Rosanna. I have featured her on my blog before and ever since i found it i have been glued to her updates.
She has beautiful photography and the most to die for hair.

 Bang on Style
 Bang on style is a blog i often stalk. The blog is written by Deborah who like me is from Essex.
Her style is gorgeous and i love the way she wears printed clothes.
This beautiful lady defiantly deserves more followers so go check her out :)

 Into the Fold
I absolutely adore Camilla from the blog Into the Fold. Her style is so effortless but well put together.
I constantly frequent Into the Fold it's become one of my favorites to read. Her photography is so beautiful and her shoe/jacket collection is forever making me jealous. Lovely blog.

Ever since i found this blog Ive been addicted, Her outfits have a perfect laid back vibe. I absolutely adore this blog and its so nice and refreshing actually seeing a blogger smile for a picture. Brilliant photography with lovely clear uncluttered images.

 The Little Magpie
Last but not least the beautiful Amy behind The Little Magpie.
I have massively stalked this lady across all social media channels for a while now. Her style is just perfect and she looks amazing in a hat - I envy people that can pull of hats being someone that really cant!
Absolutely beautiful blog I'm sure you guys have all heard of her if you haven't go have a look :)
She is also really bloody hilarious!

So there is my top 5 bloggers guys.
Hope you love them as much as me and if you don't already follow them start now :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Outfit | The Plain Shirt

 Shirt - Vintage
Jeans - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark
Shoes - Birkenstock

Hi guys.
I think that everyone needs to own that one plain shirt. I love how easy shirts are to wear, you can basically throw anything on with them, but i love a good plain shirt over black jeans.
I picked this shirt up from the charity shop for only £3.00 its massive but its exactly what i had been looking for. I always hunt for shirts and high waisted jeans in charity because you can pick up some amazing bargains. I once found some jeans that hang exactly the same as 'Mom' jeans and they wear only £1. Gotta love a £1 rail.

Ive been playing with my hair and so far this is all Ive seem to come up with. My hair is extremely limp and just hangs so i need it up or i need a lot of product which i just cant be assed with. I like this though, its like a compromise. One day ill dig out the curling iron again...or the brush for that matter!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Outfit | Joggers and Birks

 Jumper - Vintage
Trousers - H&M (similar here)
Shoes - Birkenstock's
Ear cuff - H&M
Earring - EBay
Bag - M&S
Glasses - Primark (similar here)

Hi guys.
I found a white wall today so obviously that meant i needed to dig out the camera and stand awkwardly.
Honestly where i live you'd think people had never seen a camera, they look at me like I'm shooting a dodgy porn movie. One guy nearly walked into the road whilst starring wondering why i was having pictures taken haha, rather embarrassing.

I picked up these joggers in H&M a few weeks because they looked so darn comfy and because i had an overpowering need to add to my grey marl collection...needs must. 
I have to say i feel like a complete chavy ding dong wearing these but they have just the right amount of subtlety as opposed to a full blown pair of Nike joggers (which i may just buy now I'm embracing my inner chav).

This jumper was £1 !! Its a black jumper what more can i say, you cant have enough, black goes with everything.

I've been living in my Birkenstock's recently as well and yes i know they are bloody ugly bastards but after seeing more people wearing them i started to fall in love - call me a sheep that's fine, my feet are comfy...Well apart from the weeks spent breaking them in getting blisters on parts of your feet you never knew existed! It's all part of the fun with new shoes right? 

Just for reference I'm normally a size 6 (EU 39) but i downsized in these and got a EU 38. I also brought them from Amazon as they are so much cheaper! I don't understand people buying them from ASOS they are just ripping you off get yourself over to Amazon and save £20.

I'm hoping to come back to blogging more regularly now the weather is nice and I'm actually getting dressed so fingers crossed this little old blog should be getting some love soon.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

Wishlist | Designer Inspired Jewellery

1 | 2 | 3/3 | 4/4 | 5/| 6 | 7 

Hi guys.
I haven't blogged properly for ages as some off you might have seen me rant about it on twitter but my post feed wasn't syncing with the Google reader and basically 6 months worth of posts couldn't been seen.
Anyway its all fixed i don't know how but i feel like now is the perfect time to come back to the blogasphere and blog my little heart out.

We have all seen the very much coveted Dior Tee Shirt Earrings or should i say earring right? Seen on the likes of Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and many blogger - cant say I'm too enthusiastic at the price (£290) but fear not I've found some gems on EBay and they are cheap as chips!
I've included some links to China and UK for the above jewellery as if like me you just sometimes cant wait for that 15-20 days shipping parcel.

I hate pearls only because i really just associate them with being boring and a horrible colour, i feel I'm to young for pearls but thanks to Dior and (china) i really feel I'm missing out by not having these in my ears!

Hope you like, let me know on Twitter if you decide to buy anything id love to be a nose bag ;)