Sunday, January 16, 2011

Leopard nails

I have been seeing a lot of people sporting the animal nails trend, so I thought id give it ago with my own version :]
Firstly I painted my nails with Barry M - Mushroom.
After it had fully dried, with a black gel pen I drew on my nails different funny looking 'C's', the gel pen will smudge if you just slightly touch it though :/
For the gold bits in between the 'C's' I used MUA gold glitter eye liner, from Superdrugs new 'everything is a £1.00' range, but you could used any glitter eye liner, also this will smudge but does dry fairly quickly.
Its a must to top coat your nails after otherwise the gel pen will just run off, I used GOSH - high shine top coat, but any will do though.
when painting on the top coat you will need to apply it very lightly, I put a big drop at the cuticle and brush it very lightly up.
Its such an easy design to create and looks amazing once finished.
steff xx


  1. Oh I would love animal print on my nails! But I bite them... lots. The doodles took a long time; several periods of boredness. xx

  2. hey,
    thanks for your lovely comment :)
    I too have only just re introduced myself to collection 2000, some of the new products are quite good for the price :)

    your leopard nails look great! i'd love to try it out, but i really lack in patience so would probably smudge it half way through!

  3. thank you ;) it´s from H&M <3

  4. Ahh this looks amazing! I have be meaning to try this for a while as I just got a nail art pen. I definitely will now! x

  5. yeah its really easy to do i dont have a nail pen but i must get one :] xx

  6. ive been wanting to try this out for ages, it looks too fiddly for me though! yours look very neat and lovely x

  7. This is great might try this myself. X


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