Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wintry Glittery

Ive become really obsessed with matte nails at the moment and thought id just post an update off my nails i have just finished.
I found in my nail polish case a couple of cheap nail polishes that aren't branded but came in a set of some really nice metallic colours. The base colour is a dark wine red which i covered in Rimmel pro Matte Finish, then topped the tips in a silver glitter polish (which also came in the set.)
I'm really happy with the finish as it looks very wintry :]
I still need some practice on actually painting my nails as they are a bit messy!!
Let me know what you think
I apologize for my funky pjamas acting as a background.

Steff xx


  1. Very pretty!They don't look messy to me :)

  2. aww thanks guys :] i have serious problems painting my nails, need to perfect it haha xx

  3. love the dark colored nails! great for winter



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