Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ba-Bling Ba-Bling

All rings ASOS

Im a humongous fan of tacky gold jewelry, ever since i really got into 'fashion' i have worn it, the tackier the better i think. So when i discovered ASOS years ago naturally i fell in love with their jewelry selection. They always seem to design rings that i want to wear, and the price of them is ohhh so cheap.
Ive just been having a look through their website and put together a few (i could just list all of them tbh) rings that really caught my eye, especially the hand armour chains they are making at the moment and the two finger rings. 

Obviously every blogger seems to have a forever 21 double finger cross ring or a YSL arty ring, except me but i think instead of them i might just spend some pennies and buy all of ASOS' rings, right? ;]

what about everyone else? still craving a YSL arty ring in every colour? (i still am)
steff xx

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