Monday, February 7, 2011


I've been meaning to post about my new hair care regime for a while (a bit boring i know) but honestly i cannot praise this shampoo and conditioner enough.

When i had my son (Jy'den-rhain) my hair basically went shitty.
It kept falling out when i brushed or washed it, was constantly greasy, and i have never suffered with greasy hair! It was a right state. After months of trying different shampoo/conditioner's i found TRESemme Naturals.
It smells really nice and fresh not like their other TRESemme shampoo's which i think smell like cat wee, it almost smells organic.
It's brilliant, my hair doesn't break, fall out, look greasy anymore, just smooth like i have been to the hairdressers everyday.
I would highly recommend this product, i honestly think it has saved me from 'doing a Britney' ;]
steff xx

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