Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I haven't updated my blog for quite awhile (which i am very sorry about) but there has been nothing interesting going in.
Realising that my day at the moment consists of changing nappies and feeding my 11 month old son, i have decided to start making some home made treasures to pass the 'nap time' :].
Recently I've been looking at different soap recipes and Soy candle ideas, compiling a massive list of ingredients and packaging ideas  (i still need to buy)  has been taking up most of my day, but i think i am just about ready to buy my ingredients and get cracking :].
So in case i don't update for a while ( I am hoping i will though ;]) I've not disappeared or given up blogging, ive just become a recluse making soap and soy candles and being the 1950's prefect housewife ;].

I am hoping when i make a few that i am happy with and get the hang of it that i can set up a profile and start selling on here, for the time being though I'll post what i make :]

Anyone else into home made treasures? 

steff xx

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