Sunday, February 13, 2011

You graced me with your cold shoulder

Black denim shorts-Primark
Tights-Primark (again)

So i decided to ombre my hair after reading copious amounts of blogs with people explaining how to DIY it.
 I headed down to Superdrug and picked up their own brand highlighting kit its about £3.50 and wacked it on the ends of my hair. I left it on for about 50 mins therefore it has come out a bit gingerfied but i actually really like it like this, so i wont be dying over it any time soon :]
Anyway i'm not going to go on about how to DIY ombre hair as i think millions of other bloggers have already done that, and i think its pretty self explanatory anyway.

Also i brought this very cute kinda sheer shirt from my local charity shop it was very expensive at a whooping £3.95 ;] you cant really see clearly in the photos but its a pinky cream colour, ive been looking for one for ages so i'm happy i snapped this little beauty up.

Anyway hope your having a chilled Sunday, i know i will be :]
steff xx


  1. lovely rings and blouse.xx

  2. Your blog is so sweet, i love it! :)

    check mine out sometime :D


  3. where is the black heart ring from?? I LOVE IT!! (I am slightly obsessed with hearts!)
    Love the hair also !
    Sam xx

  4. Thanks for the comment sweet. I am exactly the same, living in maxi's constantly at the mo. Love your rings & your hair looks fab, bravo!! It's very Alexa Chung-eqsue :) xxx

  5. Ahhh good times! Gotta love an eBay bargain! You'll need to get an outfit post up with it on :) xxx


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