Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Days turn to weeks

Pic via ebay

Ohh Haiii!
So i haven't blogged for yonks as i have brought a tripod and I'm waiting for it to be shipped.
A nice little bargain i found on eBay for a sweet £6, cant go wrong with that i thought..turns out yes, yes i can if the seller doesn't know how to use pay pal, hence the delayed posts!

Anyway I'm hoping that it will be with me by end of this week so hopefully i can get blogalogging again ;]
Ive brought some nice new stuff and made some fit leather shorts on a budget to that i will be showcasing.
 Anyway for the meantime i thought maybe you would like to drool at this beauty above.
Ive noticed her for ages as one of the ASOS models, but never knew who she was until i saw Morven's post at Cats and Rocking Chairs. 
Her name is Cara Delevingne and she is pretty fitttttttt! So check her out ;]

Steff xx


  1. I've always wondered who she was! She is very very pretty! xx

  2. that's funny! she's always been my favourite asos model, actually. but i never knew her name before now

  3. I love the pictures :))


  4. I seem to have come across quite a few people that don't know how to pay for items/use eBay. It's quite ridiculous, you should learn about it before even registering with eBay!!

  5. i know bloody redick!!!
    its so straight forward haha xx

    and yes she is ever so pretty :]
    i cant take credit for the pics as i nicked them from google lol :] xx


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