Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Photos

Picture via ebay

I realise for the past two weeks i haven't actually posted a Monday photo that is actually of me, very sorry are my excuses:-
1) I feel like shit!
2) I'm having some issues with my camera.
...Hence why i haven't uploaded an outfit post for ages either. Very sorry.
Anyway enough with the apologies, today i decided that i will be going back to college either this September or next to study fashion styling, I'm still not sure what i have to study first to eventually study styling but I'm sure ill figure it out. So if anyone is on a fashion course that could give me a bit of info about what it entails id be rather grateful thank you ;]
Also it was my Son Jy'den-Rhain's first birthday party yesterday, it was a nice day had all the family over to celebrate, not sure that Jy knew what was going on but still. His birthday is actually tomorrow so I'm looking forward to that.
Lastly the Olsen twins ahhh, i think i speak for all when i say id love to wear their wardrobe. My mum thinks they look like trolls but i think they are beauty refined.
Anyway enough of the ramble as i say if anyone is on a fashion course please let me know what it entails :]
thanks Steff xx


  1. Love this pic of them <3


  2. This is a gorgeous pic of the Olsens anyway! They have such amazing style and are so beautiful, such an inspiration. xx

  3. cute blog


  4. Fucking love the Olsen's!! Ace photo!! x x


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