Friday, March 4, 2011

Print Madness

All Topshop

I had a little browse though Topshop today and came across all the funky prints they are making, now I'm not a massive fan of weird printed clothes but for key pieces to make an outfit really stand out i think its a must for the spring!
Anyway I've compiled a rather big list that showcases Topshops prints that i think would be great for the spring and to carry through to summer :]
I'm a really big fan of the asymmetrical skirt and the knot tie top, and the paperbag waist shorts the most but i would wear them all (if i had loaaaaaads of money ;])

What do you think any likes for the spring?
I know mine will be the asymmetrical skirts :]
I might even try a DIY job and make one.
Steff xx


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment sweetie :)
    I've been eyeing up the yellow spotted shorts for a while! Loving the asymmetrical skirts too, a definite new season fav.

    The candles below are so cute as well, very creative. You should make & sell, I'd definitely buy one :)


  2. lovely items. I love the shorts. =)

  3. I adore the snake-type print skirt. It's truly beautiful!

  4. love your post!

    xo-kayla marie

  5. Lovely items! Such a love for Topshop at the moment, they've got some fabulous pieces in!xx

  6. aahahha print overload or what !
    lol they all look really nice though :p
    want a few of those tops actually x

  7. cute look.

    Such a lovely blog, feel free to have a little look at mine.

    Thank you,



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