Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Currently Coveting - Miss Selfridge

All above - Miss Selfridge.
Sorry i have been a bit M.I.A recently but i haven't had any reason to get ready to take outfit pictures, sad i know but i feel really lazy atm, ill be back up posting more frequently next week :]
So getting to the cloths, I'm not guna lie but i haven't actually brought anything from Miss Selfridge since the rare occasion i turned up for college 3 years ago, and even then what i brought i never wore, so when i was browsing website i was amazed by what they had in stock. Now I'm not a big Miss Selfridge fan, somewhere in brain i still think of them as a bit chavy...I don't know why, but they seem to have sorted themselves out and started making lovely cloths, For instance how cute is this hat, i absolutely need this in my life right now and at only 15 quid i feel abit obliged to buy it ;]
I know these cloths are not really 'ethnicy' per se but the palette reminds me of it, especially the crochet tasselled tunic!
I love everything about these items, they'd be perfect for the festivals with some bangles and pendants...Btw on the subject of pendants my findings have arrived so i shall be making some pendants up soon, so stay tuned ;]
Anyway I'm off to spend some needed time with my bf now, i think i hear him making me a cuppa...lovelyyy 
much love
Steff xx


  1. I totally agree; I used to be put off by miss selfridge because of their chaviness in the past but it's become one of my favourite stores! Got some great vintage inspired items in, lovely stuff.

    I love those shorts, and the detailing to those sandels is stunning!

  2. love the bohemian and earthy feel these clothes have, i've not bought anything from miss selfridge for ages but i really like some of the tops you've picked out x

  3. I love everything, the shorts especially! xx

  4. Love youre blog!
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  5. <3333!

  6. Those scalloped shorts are so cute!

  7. super cute!!
    nice blog!


  8. I love that hat, it's so cute. And photos in your previous post are nice, you're beautiful :)


  9. Never...ever think to pop into Miss Selfridge but some of these pieces are epic : ) Your blog is so cute!

  10. that's the word i was looking for to describe these- festival. great items dear :) x

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