Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Currently Coveting - Topshop

All Topshop.

I very rarely shop in Topshop as i think everything is overpriced even the sale items are overpriced, i know don't kill me, i just think other places do cheaper/better items.
Anyway i was just browsing some websites and came across these little beauts, the middle pair of shorts needs to come to mumma they are so perfect and such a nice colour.
If you've read my blog before you probably know that i love scalloped edges right now and i think topshop have some really nice key items.
Anyway maybe next time i wont be so fast as to dismiss Topshop all together 
 Steff xx


  1. I love that top bottom left, very moi dont you think? Do think you're right about their pricing system though and you know me, i love a bargain, so its not a place i generally shop in, unless i'm with you lol! Wonder how much it is, do you know? I'm after a white cotton gypsy top, bum length and with a few ruffles if poss', any ideas? Think 80's, new romantic era and you'll know what i'm looking for

  2. love top shop! cute clothes-

  3. So glad I'm not the only one hating on Topshop.. the only thing I like about topshop is the mention it got from the cavemen in the boosh. :-D
    Also - terrible if you have pushchair with you.. no slopes, all steps.. :-( BOO.

    BUT - loving the miniprints and florals.. :-) x

  4. If you like that blue jersey button up, second to last, Tesco are doing an exact replica for £4 at the moment x


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