Sunday, April 10, 2011

Naked of jewls

Top - H&M  millions of years ago
Shorts - DIY vintage

Strange day today, i had full intentions earlier this week of getting up early and going to the boot sale with my boyfriend, instead when i woke up i really couldn't be assed. So instead, i got ready to go to Iceland and get a pizza lol!
Just having a general tidy up today and thought it was funny that i was cleaning in a pair of leather shorts, so i decided to share this glorious photo with you all.
How do you like my pineapple head? fit isn't it hahaha! If you look close enough your probably notice a lovely array of spot to go with it...Buftingzzzz
Have a nice day 
Steff xx


  1. Eep, gorgeous shorts Steff! And congrats on the domain (: xx

  2. i need a pair of those shorts ur wearing right there babbyyy!!!

  3. just found ur blog - you have a killer figure !
    love the shorts

  4. sweet shorts, they look ace! i really need to get my hands on a pair of leather ones xx

  5. your shorts look great - loving themx

  6. you look lovely and I'm crazy about your leather shorts!


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