Monday, April 11, 2011

Rumour has it.

Hat - H&m
Turban - Etsy
Sheer shirt - Primark
Belt - Newlook
Harems - Primark
Jewls - Primark

Lols at my posing pics, spesh the last one wtf!!!
Moving on not really a lot to say apart from i like this outfit, its comfortable, simple, and androgynous but its gives me fuck all shape. 
The harem pants are just jersey ones from Primark, i confess, i do normally sleep in these, but when i wear them i like to hoist them up high and make them high waisted lol, but in doing so it makes my bum look like it starts from my hips and ends at my knees, not such a good look...but care, I'm comfortable ;]
Anyway you'll probably have noticed that i very rarely but new cloths as often as id like, that's basically because I'm poor and my rent is ridiculous and my partner and i have a son, but i like to dig deep in my wardrobe and just style an old outfit differently, hence why you probably will see loads of posts of me in this shirt....i love it so muchhhhhh ;]
Enough with the ramble bamble I'm off to bitch my nails up. I brought some nail varnish today that appaz smells like peppermint hmmm, we'll see.
Ohhh one last thing, i just got my own domain yayyyyy and im starting to upload some pics on lookbook/chictopia, id appreciate it millionnnnnssssss if you check me out over there (links are on the right) :]
Much love
Steff xx


  1. thank you so much for the sweet comment!! you look lovely dear!
    that pants looks great on you!

  2. you look great here, kinda a gothic look I think but it looks soo great!
    loving it, xx

  3. oh I am looking for a hat like that for so long! great outfit!

    xx J

  4. love love love those 'necklaces' !

  5. like the shirt! i m into "see through" fabrics lately :)

  6. love this outfit! Especially with the fedora, you can totally pull off this really tricky look.

    Really enjoying reading through your blog aswell

    Kirsty :) xx

  7. peppermint nail polish?! woweee xx

  8. Well if they're comfortable, why not! AND they look lovely - I'm quite a fan of Primark I have to say.
    Loooovely blogging I see here :)


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