Friday, April 22, 2011

This ain't a scene

Playsuit - Primark

Hello sun lovers ;]
As you can see I've got my pasty white legs out today. It has just been so hot and my bf is off now for a nice long weekend so we went into Leigh our local town and brought some wine, and had a bit of a mooch.
Totally top knot weather, i don't know if your like me but even the thought of having my hair down on a hot day makes me sweat, the only downside is i haven't found a foundation yet for the summer so I'm prone to the chavy orange line of death arghhhhh!.
So here it is...i think i wear really heavy makeup, i like looking like a drag queen ;] but in the summer I'm not a lover of the melty face, i have quite bad skin tbh ever since i had my little boy my skin just breaks out so i have to wear foundation, or a paper bag ! Its a tricky one, i might try some tinted moisturizer???
Anyway i brought my first lot of jewels today to start making some...well...jewels ;] money is a bit tight right now so little by little.
I'm going to stop babbling now as the laptop is burning my legs!
have a great weekend, happy Easter.
Love Steff xx


  1. Ha, that pasty white shade you're talking about is all too familar to me - my legs are so white at the moment it's unreal. I would try some fake tan but I know I'll end up with orange tree tunks for legs, I'd take white over orange any day! & I love your playsuit - the print is gorgeous, I'm taking a trip to Primark this weekend for some pretty (but cheap) summer clothes! x

  2. oo i love that playsuit its too cute! I hear ya about the foundation! xx

  3. beautiful outfit, LOVE that necklace :)

  4. Very cute, i am loving playsuits at the moment!

  5. This playsuit is lovely on you! Perfect summer outfit :)

  6. i love your playsuit, it's so cute! and so with you on it now being top knot weather! x

  7. The playsuit looks great on you!
    and I feel your pain about the foundation I need to find one that will last in the heat

  8. You look great here... such a cute playsuit :-)

    I know what you mean, I really don't like having long hair on hot days like these, it's a nightmare on holiday haha!

    Dayner x

  9. this outfit's perfect. I'm totally diggin' your romper. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for 3 pairs of sunglasses if you'd like to check it out. xx

  10. me gusta mucho tu blog!!
    bonitos outfits!!



  11. I love your outfit, its such a cute playsuit :) x

  12. love this outfit, u are very pretty =)

  13. excellent style lady! love this look

  14. I love playsuits! This one is gorgeous. Love the feathered neckless to


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