Sunday, April 3, 2011

Violet Hill

Turban - Etsy
Mint jumper - New Look
Sheer Shirt - Primark
Leather Shorts - Vintage DIY
Jewls - Rings H&M/ASOS Necklaces - Primark
Cringe worthy posing - All me ;]

I haven't done an outfit post for agesssss as i had no tripod and haven't actually gone anywhere for awhile, but last night i went out therefore actually wore something other than pj's.
Love the cringe posing, i know bad, but these were the only pics i got before i had to leave.
Ive just brought loads of over sized jumpers - well 3 and i love this mint colour atm, its from  New Look and its about £25 a bit steep i think but i love it and the pastel colour is ideal for spring/summer.
Really love these feather jewls about atm so when i saw these in Primark i knew it was a win, the longer one is actually a headband thing but the Pocahontas look doesn't suit me so i tied it and made a necklace.

Right these bad boy shorts were such a find. Ebay real leather £6. They were nasty looking trousers but i cut them down with the help of Gem Fatale and her diy jeans post, and voila sexy leather shorts.
I wear these all the time, they go with everything, and Ive wanted a pair for yonks.

Anyway its my second Mothers day today so I'm spending it with my little boy and my boyfriend Pete.
Have a good day 
Steff xx


  1. loving the turban, looks fab on you!

  2. GORGEOUS necklace. The sheer shirt is beautiful as well - wouldn't have guessed Primark!

  3. thank you! i like yours ;-)

  4. i lovvve your turban, really suits you! x


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