Monday, May 9, 2011

I ain't guna comb my hair

Shirt - Very
Shorts - Charity shop/DIY
Necklace - Handmade
Bracelets - H&M

It was so hot yesterday i thought i'd brave it and get my pastey legs out again, honestly I'm so pale but i refuse to self tan as i know i will come out looking like Snooki!!

How shit hot are these shorts? I brought them from the chazzers shop for a whopping £3 haha. They really were disgusting trousers but that was alright as i brought them with the intention of taking my scissors to them. Absolutely love them! They are real leather also so what a barginous find.
Anyway Ive made up my necklaces now, if you can see it in the pictures its the longer brown feathered one. I've made them using a suede cord, real feathers, beads and a turquoise tooth pendant ;]
so if anyone is interested ill be selling them through my blog for £5.50 with 1.50 postage, i will be posting more pictures soon.
Love Steff


  1. Love turning horrible charity shop trousers and jeans into shorts. Nude colours always work so well with leather. Is your gold bangle you are wearing up your arm from H&M too? I've been looking for one in that style x

  2. Omg! Bargain shorts much! Ha-ha they're delish! Love the shirt too :) you've got a great style going on :)

    lovely blog - following now :)


  3. nice work on the shorts they look fab!


  4. so sorry if you just got two similar comments off me - the internet connection "timed out" as I was sending the first comment! aaaargh! x

  5. awesome, such a good idea turning manky trousers into some sweet shorts! might go charity shop hunting for some myself xx

  6. I love the outfit! :) ♥ xx

  7. Cute look and amazing shorts :). I wanted a pair like this but high waisted and cut like a 60s bathing suit bottom

  8. I love the outfit! I love your shorts, Steff! You the delightful girl! I adore you.

  9. I'm obsessed with this outfit! The whole thing goes together perfectly.
    Have a great day!

  10. I love your shorts! My (p)leater shorts ripped down the sad. You look great! xo

    (I am having a buffalo tooth necklace give-away if you're interested!)
    strawberry freckleface

  11. Looooooove the leather shorts :)
    They look perfect with that shirt!
    :) x

  12. You look just like Alexa Chung in the second set of pictures on the one on the left! x

  13. Wow, shorts were a bargain! This outfit is really wearable. I love it.
    Cute necklace too. Loving your blog - definitely gunna be following from now on :)

  14. Don't you look cute! Those shorts are super sexy.



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