Friday, May 27, 2011

I got the butterflys

Hat - H&M
Top - Primark
Trousers - Primark
Cape - Monsoon via ebay
Jewls - Handmade 

These are possibly the shittiest made trousers in the world!
I brought a size 8 and when i got home to try them on one leg at the bottom is sewed smaller than the other, so bad, but they were only a fiver in the sale and i can still wear them, I'm just saying they feel crap on.
Also they have this stupid elasticated back with no belt loops...whats the point! But on the upside i do quite like the butterfly print.
This top is a basic Primark long sleeved top, which i have about 100 off. They go with everything or under anything, simple, but perfect!
You can't really see my necklace that well but its a big red chunk of stone, i got it in the charity shop for a bank breaking £1.70 lolz!

Ok so in other news....
My uncle came over the other night for dinner, and decided to buy me a pair of ray bans for my birthday, i said i would rather have some Lita's.
I know that that just made me sound such a snobby brat, honestly I'm not, its my 21st in June and would never even consider buying something for that much money.
When i get them ill do a full post, obvs they wont have any faults cause they are the most perfect shoe porn in the world!
 Ok so I'm going to watch lethal weapon now ;]
Have a good night 
Steff xxx 


  1. I love the cape!
    Jealous that you're getting Litas. I really want a pair but I can't bring myself to spend that much money on one pair of shoes. If I manage to get a job this summer though I can see myself caving and getting some.

  2. Those trousers are literally incredible! I love the way you have belted them in!


  3. adore this look, you have great style.

    Helen, X

  4. Eek that's terrible about the pants being different sizes at the bottom! Big oops.

  5. Such a cute outfit, love your blog.


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