Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Navajo blanket wrap

Top/Belt/Tights - Primark
Skirt - H&M
Necklaces - Handmade
Navajo Blanket Wrap - Monsoon via Ebay

Heyyyy chikaaassss! 
I want to apologize for my absence, i don't know why i haven't blogged for so long, its not like i have much to do each day, I'm more or less a lady of leisure without the money and a 1 year old haha.
Anyway I'm back and here's what i wore today to go out (to do mum things lolz).
Pure love for this skirt and top. Firstly the top is silky, cropped, and cutout at the back...what more can you want and only £6, they had a few different designs of this in store but i chose this one as i thought it had an Aztec feel to it.
The skirt Ive also got in pale pink, its so nice with the elasticated waist and skater skirt feel, also washes up so nice!
omg, i found this little beaut on ebay and knew i had to have it. Its so gorgeous and soft such good quality as its originally from Monsoon so i can only imagine what it cost, i brought it with tags still on too. Result.
The pattern on the blanket cape is exactly what Ive been looking for. I have seen Topshop and Asos come out with some similar things but i wanted a simple black and white one (this is actually cream). Its just such a perfect addition to my wardrobe and i cannot say anything bad about it, ahhhhh i love it hahah
Anyways my ear cuffs are still up for sale and necklaces if anyone would like to buy any :]
Have a good week 
Steff xx


  1. wowee that cape is awesome!!! xx

  2. Wow the cape is goooooorgeous! I love navajo prints at the moment there so gorgeous. And you look gorgeous ( do i wanna say gorgeous any more :-) ) xxxx

  3. omg im totally in love with your look! every piece of it is just perfect. i truly adore the print of your top and blanket cape. and the skirt is also in fantastic shape. lucky you ;)

  4. Holy shit, that cape is so great. I wish I could get one of my own!! Your bun look is adorable as well.

    PS I've been stalking your blog for the past hour so I think I have to follow you now.

  5. absolutely gorgous - what a find! xx

  6. literally IN LOVE with your navajo cape! I've been looking for one for literally ages, so jealous. The skater skirt and belt are perfect as well - you always look so lovely. Panda xo

  7. I just love your style :) Everything is perfectly paired together!

  8. The cape looks soooo comfy and snug. I want one! x


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