Thursday, May 5, 2011

Set fire to the rain

Jumper - H&M
Shorts - Very
Bracelet - Selling
Necklaces - Primark/Handmade

It's been a very long time since my last outfit post mainly because i'm always running late and in a rush and never get a chance to get some photos. 
Anyway yesterday it was my uncle's birthday so he took my sister and i to a Chinese restaurant for lunch, it was so gooooood i nommed a lot of sushi haha.
So to the outfit i love this jumper its a light peach colour and pretty much just goes with everything, i seem to just be living in jumpers recently i wear them with everything. The shorts are just basic jersey highwaisted ones so comfortable, i didn't like them at fist but when i matched them up with some of my tops i'm beginning to see that they will perfect for summer.
My mum has gone away on holiday for 3 weeks and i've just found out the Jeffrey Campbell Lita's that i want are in my size they haven't had them for agessssssssssssss, she was going to give me some money towards them for my birthday (its not till June) but looks like they will be out if stock before she comes home :[[[.
Still looking into going back to college to do fashion promotion, my local college has and open day in june so hopefully i can get a place.
Also still cracking on with my necklaces once they are done they will be up online.
ohhh one more thing the bracelet above is brand new in box my mum brought lots to sell so if anyone wants one they are £10 with £2.00 ba ba ba bagainnnnn :] lots of other colours too i will post them separately.
Right then nuggets Au revoir
Steff xxx


  1. those shorts are gorgeous!!! i love the pattern and colour! and oh no that's such a shame about the litas, i hope everything works out and you manage to get your hands on them! x

  2. I love your shorts! The fashion course sounds amazing, good luck with it :) xx

  3. Aw I love your outfit, jumper and shorts combos are always a winner in my eyes. A fashion promotion course sounds great, we have fashion PR modules on my degree course and they're so good! xx

  4. Just found your blog, I love this outfit. You should see if your Mommy can use online banking to transfer money into your account! x

  5. aww these are the cutest shorts, proper love them xx

  6. Cute outfit. Love the cropped sweater. X

  7. Your hair has the most immense volume. x hivenn


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