Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ear cuffs and necklaces for sale

So here is what i have been working on for a while, Ive made up some necklaces and ear cuffs.
They are all made and designed by me :]
I hope you like them, i do haha
If you would like to buy any off them the necklaces are £4.00 and ear cuffs are £4.00.
Postage and Packaging will be £2.00
You can pay through paypal.
If you would like to buy anything just email me at or
I have only made a limited amount but can always make more if need be.

The necklaces are on a dark brown suede cord with real feathers and a turquoise little tooth charm, and a jasper charm, and hang to about mid stomach, so they are quite long :]

The ear cuffs are made from scratch using craft wire and real feathers, they can be bent to fit your ear :]
 Thanks love Steff xxx

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  1. Ear cuffs... what a cool idea! I love feathered jewellery :-)

    Dayner x |


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