Monday, June 6, 2011

I need a dollar

Hat - H&M
Top - New Look
Shorts - Diy
Belt - Primark
Necklaces - Handmade

Just another boring outfit really, i needed to run some errands today and just put this on, you've seen it all before lol.
I had ombre hair if you look though my blog, then got bored so dyed it dark brown, then saw this the other day and couldn't resist. Its not to everyones taste but I'm truly in love with my green ombre haha, the pictures don't really do it any justice as its more of a sea green/turquoise colour, none the less i love it.
I cant wait to get try out more colours as it is only semi permanent. I might try the lilac next.

I know i haven't really blogged for a while that's because Ive been drawing lots and getting some things in order, as on Thursday i have a college interview to see whether they will let me on the fashion promotion course, so fingers and toes crossed .
I haven't drawn in such a long time but after religiously reading Ella Masters blog inspired me some what. So thanks Ella, and everyone else if you don't follow her you really should, she is one talented lady.
Anyway I'm off to do more drawings for this college thingy.
have a nice evening.


  1. The turquoise ombre actually looks quite cool! and your necklaces are lovely! x

  2. loving the mermaid locks, what sort of dye did you use- did you do it yourself?

  3. Your hair turned out awesome!! I love it! Im thinking I need to do something new for the summer too.

  4. You're hair is amazing, I really love it! Good luck with your course! x

  5. You hair looks SO RAD! I miss when mine was all bluey and pretty and mermaidy! Grr... school :( Love those shorts too. Panda xo

  6. so OBSESSED with your blue-ish green tips.. I've wanted to put color in my hair for so long but always manage to pussy out. it looks great on you though! x

  7. your hair looks immense!! it really looks good on you. deffo do lilac next, i'm still planning on doing mine lilac when i get a chance xx

  8. love the hat.xx

  9. I like it! I recently had pastel shades put through my ends. and just bought some crazy colours from amazon in pink, lilac and blue to intense it up.
    what did you use?

  10. love that outfit, so cute :)


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