Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I see a mansard roof through the trees

Dress - Newlook
Rings - Asos, Primark, Mums, Asos

I have had this dress for so long but I've only worn it about twice, shame really as it has such a lovely print. Anyway it was maxi dress approval weather today so i dug it out and went to the park with my littlen, so glamorous, i know!!
I have sent off my college application now so hopefully i get a letter soon about enrolment, its all so nerve racking. Its a shame really as if i had stuck to college when i first went i would have finished uni by now and probably in a good job, although i have only just figured out that i want to be in fashion so maybe its more of a blessing i dropped out.
On a totally different note i sent of for a sample of this new full cover foundation so i will be getting a post together to review it this week.
Love Steff xx


  1. Love your dress! and your turquoise ring!

  2. Love the dress! also the necklaces and the rings <3


  3. thanks for following! that seems like an ideal day :) xx


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