Friday, June 10, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Lita's

Shirt - Very
Leather Shorts - Diy

Last night i went to my college open evening to have a chat about the fashion promotion course i want to study. Even though I'm 20 and have already been to college twice but never completed it, i feel like the time is right to get my ass in gear and get on with my life. 
Its a level 3 BTEC course and turns out i get it for free instead off the £1200 a year so win win ;]
Enrolment is August/September so fingers crossed i can secure a place. Obviously now I'm hunting desperately for a lovely nursery to put my son into.
I really want this so much. I started this blog basically to help me get on to a fashion course, but now Ive become slightly addicted to blogging ;]
Anyway i wore this little outfit with my Aztec cape and these bad boys that arrived yesterday ;]

I'm not going to talk about these to much as ill write another blog post about them, but all I'll say is OMGZZZ IT'S LOVE. And how cute is the box they come in.

Happy Friday everyone
Steff xx


  1. Love the leather and blouse combo! fantastic and your shoes... beeeautiful! I'd probably break my neck in them though but they are superb

  2. love the shorts! and the litas, they look amazing x

  3. absolutely adore the jeffery campbells - so lucky! just found your blog through mozzypop and love the boho look you've go goin :) new follower! x


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