Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Carrot top


Crop jumper - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Hat - Topman
Necklaces - Gifted/Handmade

D'ya like the title, Carrot top ya get it hahaha ;]

I don't know why but this is my favorite outfit to date that I've worn, it's so simple but i just love the black and bright carrot colour top.
I have this jumper in a peach as you have seen before and i love it so much they are so comfortable and i do love a good crop jumper ;] So when i was in H&M the other day and saw this beaut in the sale for £5.00, in my size i snapped it up. I found this skirt also, I've been meaning to get one for ages but i brought it in a size 8 could have really used a size 10 it's alright though.
Sorry for the picture heavy post but sometimes i take photos *cough*2872364976432*cough* lol and find some of them come out quite nice but the majority don't lol, very vain i know, but I'm not a very photogenic person haha.
Also i don't know why i keep adding different effects to my photos as of late as I'm no photographer, but i like the effect. What do you think of it?
Anyway I'm going for a cuppa.
Have a nice evening
Love Steff xxx


  1. I love the colour of your jumper! It's gorgeous and such a bargain price! Definitely looks more expensive. X

  2. The colour of your jumper is awesome! Gorgeous outfit :)



  3. you are adorable! i love your hair and necklace.

  4. That pun genuinely made me laugh - I'm easily amused! I love your orange jumper though I don't think they have it in stock at my local H&M =[. I'm loving brights at the moment so I'm for sure loving this outfit!

    Love J.

  5. that gold necklace is gorgeous! great with the orange too :)

  6. Great contrasts between colors!

  7. hey gurl, loving the orange sweater on you - looks hot, deffo rating this outfit :) x

  8. Yes! I love the color combination and the simplicity of your outfit. And I love all of your photographs. xx

  9. Loving your outfit! Super pretty. :)

    Nice blog, hope to see you on ours!


  10. Bargain! Love the jumper. I hardly ever go into H&M can't seem to find all these bargains lol.. ;)


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