Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clichéd checkered dress

Hat - H&M
Dress - H&M (years ago)
Shoes - Love Label
Ring - ASOS

I brought this dress about 3 years ago and it just sits in my wardrobe gathering dust. I'm not a massive lover of it anymore mainly as the material is horrible, it has the clichéd checkered square pattern every essex lad and his dad wears, and the sleeves make me wanna vom, apart from that its alright. Anyway i thought i would resurrect it today as i was only running errands, but i still might put it on ebay or take it down the charity shop, it photos much better that it looks in real life.
Anyway on a different subject Ive been quite ill recently and haven't wanted to get out of bed,let alone take photos for a blog post, but with a 16 month old child always on the go it seems like it will take me a little while longer to get better. I feel good today still can't shake the headache but hey. Woe is me, give me sympathy hahaha.
How is everyone today?
Love Steff xx


  1. so pretty! i love your hair! xx

  2. Ah hope you get better soon lovely xx

  3. really like your style! so effortless and casual but you always seem to look good! ox

  4. lovely boots!

    hope you'll visit

  5. You're gorgeous!

  6. You look amazing in checks. Feel better really soon lovely. x hivenn

  7. P.S You can have my sympathy for the day.


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