Saturday, July 16, 2011

A day in photos - Old Leigh

These photos were taken the other day by myself and my boyfriend Pete.
We spent the day in Old Leigh, it's just down the road to where we live but its so cute, the cobbled road reminds me of Canterbury. They have lovely little cafĂ©'s and fresh fish stalls, a somewhat manky beach but still there is sand, it was a really good day out. 
The third picture along is from the seafood salad we ordered and yes i did eat an Octopus...tastes like rubber quite nice actually lol, we got that and some cockles which i love drenched in salt and vinegar. A somewhat acquired taste i reckon.
In the fourth picture there's a grave stone. As kids we were told a witch used to be held in there. In older life i found out this was bollocks, but still i like to think the story is true, i don't really know the true story behind it, i might look into it.
All in all it was such a nice day the weather was lovely and we sat and ate chips by the sea :]
Steff xx


  1. Aw looks like a lovely day out :) Your little boy is a cutie pie :) x

  2. I like your top and hat.
    What a cute day out!

  3. Oh, it looks like an amazing day!!!Great shots and your little boy is so cute!

  4. these photos are such an inspiration!:)
    loves it

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  5. Steff i love your blog this time. Its nice to see you as a family out and about enjoying yourselves. Still cant believe you ate octopus!! Jy'den is so cute! More shots of him please. Now there's a thought.... why don't you do a mother and baby blog?

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