Monday, July 18, 2011

Hands down

Hat - Topman
Shirt (Tied up) - Primark
Shorts - DIY

Not really much to say about this outfit, im not a massive fan of it but i just needed to pop to the shops.
I like everything separately just not altogether, does that even make sense?
Anyway, went to Superdrug in search of the Witch Anti Blemish primer, but to no avail, so i opted for the Gosh one. Ive heard good and bad things about it but when i tested it i really like the consistency so we'll see. I was using the mac one until i ran out last month, and seeing as for my birthday i brought myself the Estee Lauder Double Wear i think i owe the foundation a good primer ;]
Does anyone know off any good primers that are cheap? 
Right enough about makeup i'm off to bath my son, the little stinker ;]
Have a good evening.
Love Steff 


  1. This outfit is lovely, such a pretty shirt! Cool hat too :)

  2. Love the fact that your hat is from Topman!I have a soft spot for their jewellery myself, fudge gender boundaries :L

  3. Love this outfit! What shoes did you wear!? I'd love to see


  4. Love the casualness of this outfit and that necklace is awesome x

  5. I scrolled down quickly and thought that you were Alexa Chung!

    It's defo something she would wear- such a cool style!


  6. Lovely post!

  7. Cute outfit! Love the hat! XO

  8. I like your outfit, can't go wrong with a sheer blouse and denim shorts in my book! the hat is an added bonus, nice one.

    I've broken out in blemishes at the moment, I use oxey10 (or something like that) which is powerful stuff (apparantly) but it never seems to work for me really. I use mare minerals reviver upper primer, it's brilliant for sensitive skin but its £17 so cheap is probably out the window there. I'm rubbish with primers so I hardly know any.

    Awh bless his cotton socks! :D

  9. Great shirt... I just love anything sheer!

    Dayner x

  10. Hey, lovely outfit and what a cutie your littlen is x

  11. this outfit is the best.. you've such a cute face.


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