Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lavender Lipstick & LedZep


Top  - TXmaxx mens
Skirt - H&M
Belt - NewLook
Boots - Love Label
Lipstick - Palest Lavender/ Barry M

My nose has been non stop running today i don't really know why, hope I'm not coming down with anything, but still i thought i'd do an outfit post as i was up nice and early with a teething screaming baby. Me and Pete are just taking Jy to the park today, so nothing to flamboyant. This is one of my favorite tops of all time, and my  favorite band, so i thought i'd wear this, seeing as it hasn't seen light of day for a while. Also this skirt is one of my favorites, i think everyone has it H&M made so many different colours, still, i love it.
When i fist brought this lipstick i wasn't overly keen, as i have said before I'm no makeup expert but i thought it was a bit shitty. I decided to give it another go today and was quite pleased with the outcome, i do really love this colour but you have to have such good lips to wear it or it gets all in the cracks and looks naff, luckily you cant see that on the photo, but my lips are quite bad, opps.
On to good news, i got a letter the other day from my college inviting me to an interview for a Fashion Promotion course so fingers crossed i get a place. I really want this even though i'm 21 now i want to study and get a good job, i owe it to my son.
So this is a bit of an essay post, sorry.
Happy Sunday everyone
Steff xx


  1. Arghh! I'm so jealous that you got this skirt!

    I had to settle for the green one as all the pinks had sold out :(

    Looks lovely on you though


  2. Love your make up, the lipstick is cool! x

  3. These skirts are my favorite; they are so well priced and perfect for the summer!
    This look is so cool.



    i love i blame coco

  4. I think that lippy looks great on you Steff. I used to wear that colour back in the 80's when i was a dare i say it " new romantic " oh god, happy memories x

  5. Love the lipstick, grey and pale pink always look good together :) good luck with your interview!

  6. ohh your hair looks really nice like that! also, good luck with your interview!

  7. This is so def inspired! And I LOVE me some Led Zeppelin!

  8. Loved the outfit! I specially liked the colour palette :).

  9. Looking amazing as usual :) Good luck for your interview, but with your style I'm sure you'll have no problem getting a place :) xx

  10. Beautiful outfit! Really am loving that skirt!

  11. Cool top ;-)

    And to answer your comments I always use false nails, just a cheap set from Bodycare that are 99p where you get 24 plain white ones in a pack! I use a nail clipper to cut them nice and short and round off the sharp edges with a file.

    Obviously without polish they look a bit naff but I've always got polish on!

    Dayner x

  12. love that skirt and top combo xxxxx

  13. your blog is A-mazing !
    i am now following. i hope you can follow back.

  14. This outfit is so cute. I love it!

  15. such a cute outfit! i actually really like that lavender lipstick on you xx


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