Monday, August 29, 2011

Eyebrow Update #2

I'm not going to crap on about my eyebrows for paragraphs as you can clearly see they are getting thicker, i think i have been growing them out for about 1 month now, to be honest I'm quite happy with them like this so i might just go and get them shaped, we shall see.
You can click on the picture to make it abit bigger if anyone is interested lol.
Have a good evening
Steff xx


  1. You are so pretty!! I'd kill for your brows, I hate having to colour mine in everyday xxx

  2. I need to do this with my eyebrows, I get them waxed every month normally but it's pretty much ruined the shape! Plus its an extra cost I can do without, think I'll try leaving mine from now on too and just tweeze the really obvious stragglers.

  3. Wow you have amazing eyebrows! I love them :)

    please follow me
    xxx Peaches

  4. they're looking great! good job on growing them out, i know it took me yonks to get mine looking right! xx

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