Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Look Magazine Blogger Entry

So for days now i have been concentrating on what to write for my entry to the Look Magazine Blogger Entry. 
At first i didn't know whether to enter as my blog is in its early stages, but then i realised everyone starts somewhere and not only do i love blogging, I'm also very committed to it. So here is my entry...

I'm not a writer, nor a model or designer just a 21 year old girl behind a blog about fashion and all things related, that knows what she likes and doesn't.
 On top of blogging I'm also a full time mum with dreams off going back to college to get a Diploma in Fashion Promotion so i can then go onto University to study Fashion Styling. 
As a child i never knew what i wanted to go into as a career but i remember i was very fashion orientated, it only occurred to me while carrying my son and thinking about the future that i could possibly turn my passion and hobby for fashion and styling into a career. 
Since having my son I have set up my blog and gained a loyal following, i have applied to college and now awaiting my interview date. 
Winning this competition would mean the absolute world as it would be pathing my life in the right direction for myself, my son and my dream job. If i was to win the chance to sit front row and report live i would not only have the most amazing experience and insight into the fashion world, i would also be creating my future.
I'm hoping that i get a chance to be involved in this fantastic opportunity to showcase exactly what i think this event deserves, being interviews, pictures, my personal thoughts on the cloths and the thoughts of the designers and anything and everything else i could include.
Thanks for reading


  1. Lovely post, all the best, no matter what happens I hope you have a fantastic interview at college and you've got a lot of time ahead of you and you seem so passionate I'm more than sure you'll do well!

  2. Your entry sounds good :) Good Luck!! :) xx

  3. This is a lovely post. Good luck hun :-) x


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