Thursday, August 11, 2011

See you See me

Jumper - NewLook
Shorts - Vintage DIY
Imitation YSL arty ring - Ebay 

I love this jumper, i brought it from NewLook ages ago then of course a week later it went in the sale, still i love it and wear it nearly every day haha such a skank! I brought it online and when i got it i thought it was really bad quality for the original £24 price tag as its a very loose and light knitted jumper, but after throwing it on a few times this jumper has become my go to clothing, its just so snug and not to warm. Also what do you think of the ring? If you read my blog you'd know a while back all i could talk about was this ring, i love love love it i found this on ebay and i actually won the bidding for it for £5 so i'm pretty chuffed with that, i have seen some of the coral ones that just look odd but this is nice, very subtle markings, anyway the link is above if you wanna have a look at others.
Anyway enough of the jumper and ring loving, today i have just not been 'with it' my eyes feel like they are barely open and my head has been pounding all day hence the lazy outfit post.
Also i was invited to the event up in London the other week, and have decided to go along to it. I'm looking forward to seeing Charlene as i absolutely love her blog and style, plus she is such a babe, check her blog out if you haven't already!!
Is anyone else going to the event?
Love Steff


  1. Love your ring and shorts!

  2. Totally love that ring! I want one!!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, don't worry about not following me before! I'm not one of those "follow me, and i'll follow you" type of bloggers - I just really love your blog and your style. x

  3. lovely! love the ring and leather shorts. X

  4. Love your jumper and the ring is just gorgeous!

  5. So cute as always! I love your leather shorts. I need to get myself some..but It's kind of pointless for me now that summer is ending. :(
    Cute look tho!!

  6. for fashion Lovers Like you :
    please comment and follow!
    love the blog
    thanks! xx

  7. love your shorts! xxx

  8. Love this look, especially the jumper- it's such a pretty colour. Also love your ring!xx

  9. That jumper is such a sweet shade of pink, and your ring is a fabulous steal! :)

    The Cat Hag

  10. Your ring is amazing!

  11. absolutely amazing :D So chic and simple. I love that ring (I am obsessed with rings!)

    xxx irinja (

  12. Love that sweater! So fabulous!

  13. Aw looking forward to seeing you too!! Am nervous as going alone tho eek prob get lost too haha

  14. lovely ring! your style is so cute! that jumper looks comfy and is such a gorgeous colour too. :)

    Meena xxx

  15. Lovely outfit! :)

  16. The shorts are so cool! i love the top as well & the ring. the whole outfit it fab! followinng xx x

  17. i need this ring in my life! i can't believe it was £5. bargain! jas x

  18. ohh woooww, i love ur shorts and ur knitted jumper :) xxxx

  19. I was at the BooHoo event too! It was so much fun!

    xo Camilla

  20. Thanks for following me, I love your blog.
    Great jumper and ring xx

  21. (posted wrong comment before- aha your not following, sorry about that!)
    Love the jumper and ring x

  22. love the outfit and how u paired the baggy top with those shorts!

  23. You look great in these pictures :) Love your outfit! Can't believe you found that ring so cheap, I've been looking for one for ages but I begrudge paying so much for an imitation! :) xx

  24. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Still trying to fiddle around getting the right header, just needed a change!!

    Love this outfit, I've got this jumper aswell (same: bought it just before the sale damnit!). I wear it all the time too, it's just so soft!!

    So glad to have found your blog, definitely following now!

    Chloe... x


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