Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black on Shredded Black

Black Top - Primark Basic DIY Shredded
Sheer Skirt - Vintage DIY via EBay
Shoes - JC Lita 
Belt - Primark

Laaavly day!
Went out today with my Mother-in law to town, had a nice lunch and a little look around the shops also got myself some samples from the body shop. Hell to the yeah!
I'm really after a fur stole. After seeing Lily's post with her stole i just fell in love and realised how universal these are. Something so simple can change a whole outfit or a jacket or just keep you warm. I have seen so many around recently Topshop and H&M are doing them i have also seen Primark do a cheap £6.00 version which  i will be getting as i liked the colour off it. So if your after a cheap one head to Primark ;]
Onto the clothes, i love this skirt i don't wear it as much as i should, this was a little gem, £0.99p via eBay, i just cut the lining underneath et voila. Perfect.
This top is the cheapest you can get in Primark, well before their prices went up, i have had it years. A couple of nights ago i was watching some YouTube videos of shredding t-shirts and immediately had to do it. Now i know its been done to the high heavens but it really can turn a boring old top into a spruced up new item. I am so happy with the way it came out it's exactly the 'look' i was going for. Be warned if you do start shredding and your like me you just wont stop, hence why now i have a stack of basic tee's to shred...I'm an addict!
Onto my beloved Lita's THE FRECKING HEEL GOTZ BENT! Not happy! As i have said in the past i walk like a spack and i think the shoe has moulded to my disfigured feet unfortunately they don't look great anymore, still none the less i will get my money's worth out of them!
Well i think that is all.
Love Steff xx


  1. I tried shredding a while ago but I couldn't get it in a cool panel like yours .. but I'm trying it again right now!

  2. Love an all black outfit, you look gorgeous! I've just bought the H&M fur stole!

    The Deer Head


  3. Oh, sorry ! :-) Your shoes are amazing ! ♥

  4. You have a lovely blog!
    Nice outfit =)

  5. Great outfit, I love it all!! The shredded tee turned out really well :) xx

  6. love this outfit, defiantly trying the shredded top idea now! :) lovely blog by the way!
    check mine out?

  7. lovely! :)
    Love Lois xxx

  8. Love this outfit! That skirt looks great on you, great diy job!


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