Saturday, October 15, 2011

Designer Shoe 'Dupes'

I spend the majority of my days looking on eBay for goodies so i thought i would share with you what i came across on my visual travels.

1 - They don't look like they are made all that well and they are not the same but are a very close dupe.
2 - I love these and when my bank balance makes me smile again i shall be wearing them.
3 - I personally don't like these. I am a big fan of JC i have the Lita's even though they are kinda broken as i walk like a spacko still never the less his shoes keep me in awe, but these don't! Still i thought i would feature them seeing as i haven't come across a replica of them on another blog yet.
4 - I have loved these shoes since i saw them in '06 and my love for them has only grown. Many places on the interwebz have their own version its just a matter of looking. I will be getting these again when my bank balance blah blah ...
5 - A name i have heard thrown around. I do really like these. I like the simple but edgy soles.
6 - This is a picture of the real shoes but if you click the link the dupes are different but more or less on the same track. Again I'm not a massive fan as i don't like skinny heeled shoes, i cant walk in them.
So that's my two cents and a bit i hope this may be helpful.
Steff xx


  1. I want the 2nd pair so bad, too bad I couldn't afford them :'(

  2. ooooh this is great! I really love 5 & 6 and its great they are cheaper :)

  3. This post is amazing! I have been lusting over those Wang boots for months and now i can actually afford them-lifesaver!

    E x

  4. Aah love the Balenciaga Harness Boots, i found these on Ebay and then sadly lost all form of memory as to what i searched... so right now i could kiss you haha x

  5. Where can i find dupes like these shoes

    1. if you tell me what your looking for ill have a look for you hun xx


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