Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gypsey Lovin'

 Top - Vintage
Shorts - F21
Tights - Primark
Boots - Primark
Necklace - Handmade

Hi guys.
I went on a bit of a mad one the other day hunting down goodies in Charity shops, one of my finds was this gorgeous little top i think it almost has a Indian/Gypsy feel to it. I really like it and for £2.00 you just cant go wrong. I actually brought quite a few things recently clothes wise from charity shops so i have quite a few posts coming up to show you the goodies i found. 
I really don't have an awful lot to say, my life is quite tame at the moment as myself nor my little have been very well, i think i mentioned in a previous post we both came down with ear infections simultaneously so were just getting over that. I'm still deaf in my left ear from the infection so hopefully no permanent damage. I'm off to the doctors tomorrow anyway to have it checked. 
Hope all is well
Love Steff 


  1. i totally agree with you, this outfit is very gypsy reminiscent. love the necklace :)

  2. Very pretty oufit :)

    Glad you got your purse back! So lucky. Restores your faith in humans when things like that happen! xx

  3. i love ur necklace and shorts :)
    Make sure you keep an eye on ur ear because i now have a constant ringing noise in my ear, although i blame my mum for not taking me to the docs because i was young but yeah lol hope ur having a good week :) xxxxx

  4. really cute ! love your necklace ! xoxo

  5. Wowww love this outfit and your eyes are amazing *.*

  6. Love the Gypsy feel of it! :) Hope there's no permenant damage to you hearing! Can't wait to see your other goodies :)


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