Friday, November 18, 2011


 Collar - DIY
Jumper - H&M
Shorts - Vintage DIY
Rings - EBay
Nails - Cosmic Black by Eyeko

Hey Guys.
It's been so long since i have posted an outfit, these dark nights starting at 4 o'clock are ridick hence why photos arnt great.
I picked up these shorts (well they were trousers but i made them into shorts) from the charity shop the other day for £1.00, couldn't resist studding the pocket either why i was on my DIY high, I'm so happy how they turned out. Another pair i shorts to add to my growing collection.
I also picked up a silky 'granny' shirt, again £1.00, but i just loved the collar so i thought i could make a collar. Taa-dahh there it is. I'm really happy with this also as i only cut the collar off and stitched two bits of black fabric either side, i think ill do a post about how i made it as my explanation was a bit poo just then.
Got some more rings on EBay, seriously i spend most my day trolling through pages off rings...sad!
Also if you dint know i do have my Twitter account back so you can follow my on there if ya want ;] @steffanilouise
Much love
Steff xx


  1. I love those shorts you inspire me to stud my shorts like that too haha :) i realy like your eye makeup as well :) xx

  2. Your collar is soo cute! I love the design on it. Great against the black sweater too...lovely outfit as always :)

  3. i love the studs on ur shorts :) xxxxx

  4. Love your shorts! And your new blog layout too, it looks really brilliant :D xx

  5. Such a lovely outfit, I love your style, I am in love with the collar! :)

  6. Wicked DIY, wish I could find the time and effort to do something like these! Love the rings too, and the whole look in general :)

  7. gorgeous outfit, the shorts look amazing! & the little collar is lovely,


  8. love this outfit. i really want to put studs on my shorts too! such a great idea. xx

  9. I absolutely adore this look. Your collar is so cute, and how amazing that it's made! What a beauty x

  10. adore this outfit, the shorts are fab! It literally gets so dark, taking outfit photos are a pain. These have come out well though :)

  11. love the look & your DIY pieces :) x

  12. What a bunch of bargains, the collar looks great and loving the studded shorts :) xx


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