Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pure Dead Brilliant Beal Boat Earings

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at PDB, a jewelry company born in Bali but with roots in New York, London, Scotland, Barcelona and Paris. The brains behind these pieces is a lady called Nora Logan who says, "Pdb wants people to do a double take when they see someone wearing a piece of their jewelry in the street or at a party. We believe these pieces can be a conversation piece as well as a versatile everyday adornment. The jewelry can be mixed and matched, or stand out on their own as a piece of wearable art."
I was lucky enough to be sent these fabulous earrings which just scream my name, the fact that they are sterling silver, dagger shaped and not your everyday getup made them just stand right out. 
I love these so much, i wore them all day Christmas and didn't even feel i had earrings in, they are so light but so well made the detail in the boat on the top is amazing and the story behind them is they take inspiration from antique hors d'oeuvres skewers representing love of travel and adventure. I love that my earrings have a little story behind them.
They have some really unique jewelry, their rings are out of this world so go check the website out as they have just launched their new line.
Much love 


  1. These earrings are amazing, so unique!xx

  2. Ohh these are lovely.. Going straight to check the rings out haha xxx

  3. They are amazing!! Love them! <3

    Ellen xx

  4. oh they look lovely and the answer to ur question is... they are very comfy! i didnt think they would be but they are haha, i must say they are a bit heavy lool :) x

  5. these are so neat! definitely checking them out online! xoxo


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