Wednesday, January 4, 2012

66 Lipsticks

My boyfriend Pete brought this for me for Christmas, well i choose it and then just payed for it through his pay pal but still he technically brought it.
I have been hoarding makeup recently like there is no tomorrow and being a makeup addict the very fact that this has 66 lipsticks in a case all neatly aligned makes me quite happy.
When i first read the description the fact it said lip gloss made me a bit weary but for the price i thought I'd chance my luck and I'm so glad i did as in fact they are not lip glosses at all but very pigmented lipsticks.
Although i do think these are fantastic and i am so pleased i decided to get them the staying power is something to be desired but then again referring to the price its quite explanatory.
I probably wont ever wear blue/white or gold on my lips but least i have them for a i don't know rainy day ;]
I swatched a couple of colours just to show the pigmentation, and then swatched my favorites pinks.
I really do love this palette the only con being the stay put power but again for the price, array of colours and  amount of colours you really can't go wrong.
Love love love this.
Steff xx


  1. this is brilliant for under £5!! bargain! x

  2. that's an amazing palette I didn't even think that they sold makeup like that on ebay I'm going to have to check that out

  3. who would ever decide to put 5 blue lipsticks in?! but the rest of the colours look lovely! :)

  4. I like this idea, seems like a good way to try out shades and find which ones suit you best x

  5. Crazy, my boyfriend got the same palate for me for my birthday! haha.
    The lipstick actually stays on for ages! The gold looks really cool as well!xx

  6. That's such good value, I am not a lipstick wearer but these look really good value! :)

  7. You can always use the blues/white/gold for halloween! Or costume parties.

    Still, a lovely gift.


  8. I think it looks gorgeous. Usually you buy one lipstick for that price :) I definitely need to check this out :D

  9. Loving your blog
    Jazz xo


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