Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trucker Shirt and an Aran Jumper

Aran Jumper - Vintage
Shirt - Vintage
Brogues - Primark
Lips - Natural Collection Rose Bud
Hi guys.
Happy new year ;]
Just wanted to share my latest love ... My jumper.
Found in the charity shop for £4.00 i couldn't resist. It's everything i look for in a jumper - Chunky, Patterned and Warm warm warm. I actually looked on line to see if they still make these as the label says 'Original Blues' and they do, it retails for £85 so a serious bargain.
I wear this all the time especially as the weather is a joke at the moment.
Omg i can't tell you enough how much i love it.
I think any jumper lover like myself will have one at the back of their wardrobe, if not go get raiding them charity shops!
Love Steff xx


  1. cute outfit! love the makeup too :)

  2. you look lovely :) and phew its not just me who buys things from charity shops and looks for them online to see the original retail price! xx

  3. I wish charity shops where I live had some decent stuff in, love your outfit!

  4. £4??!!! :O that's amazing!

    Love the new background and header too :) I really want to change mine but I'm so indecisive :( xx

  5. That is such an amazing find! My charity shops are so rubbish xx

  6. That is a nice jumper and I really like the new revamp!

  7. love this look, the shirt& the brogues are perfection!!

  8. i have such a similar jumper that i bought in the clothes show last year, but i've never worn it! this is such a great outfit, thanks for inspiring me ;D xxxx


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