Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eco Tools Brushes


Hi guys.
I have been looking at these brushes for so long and finally caved in and brought them.
They are the Eco Tools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set, it also comes with a natural hemp storage bag but i don't know where i put that.
I have never felt a makeup brush that is as soft as these, honestly they are amazing.
I brought the MAC Mineralize Skinfinsh Natural Powder and was looking for some mineral makeup brushes to use with it and I'm glad i brought these as the large powder brush makes my skin look flawless using the MAC MSF.

The set includes - 
Mineral Powder Brush
Baby Kabuki
Eye Shading Brush
Concealer Brush

The Eye Shading Brush is amazing for blending eye shadow i use it every single day and couldn't be without it. I don't have much use for the concealer brush as it is flat and i like to really buff in my concealer but it does work well as an eyeshadow brush if you only want a little hint of colour.
Overall i find this set amazing and very portable as the brushes are not full size but long enough to fit comfortably in your hand while applying product.
I'm after the Mineral Bronzer Brush from Eco Tolls next.
What about you? Do you own any of these brushes? 
Love Steff xx


  1. I own quite a few of these brushes as well and I absolutely adore them. They're just so soft! I have powder bulshe eyeshadow and a stipling foundation one :)

  2. I use Eco Tools brushes too, they're amazingly soft and great quality for a decent price!xx

  3. I love ecotools brushes as they are so soft on the skin and apply everything perfectly, I use the powder and blush brush everyday!

  4. i need to buy some of these :) x

  5. I've never tried these brushes, but I really want to now. I've got a few MAC brushes and was looking to get some more, but I think I'll try these instead!

  6. I love eco tools brushes, I bought a kit once from them and the quality is just great. I really want to get the kabuki though! xx

  7. i dont use these.. i use MAC dont know if we get this in india..

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  8. i have these brushes too, and so far i really love them, they are my favorie of all the brushes i have.


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