Monday, March 26, 2012


Skincare 2012
All on offer from Superdrug 

If you have followed my blog or a while you may know how bad my skin is. For those that don't - It's bad really bad i think. I have uneven skin tone, blemishes, spots, acne, dryness, oily skin sometime, fuck me you name it my face has it. Literally i have tried everything including Liz Earle which was a waste of money.
I saw these products in Superdrug the other day and thought why not what do i have to lose plus being on offer an all. 
The face wash says results from first day and honestly i actually believe that. My face seemed to almost clear  overnight. I then used the St.Ives scrub which smells amazing and this really made my skin soft smooth and clear again to the point that i will be repurchasing this again and again. Then i used the moisturiser, although this isn't my favorite as the texture is almost like gel and bubbly i don't know i do like how it sinks in straight away and stops my skin from getting oily. 
Honestly from purchasing these on a whim i can honestly say i have found my skincare routine that clears my face and doesn't empty my pockets.
Now I'm not going to say this will work for you - Great if it does but we all don't have the same skin.
If i can recommend one it would be the St.Ives as this has become a product i literally cant stop talking about and think will benefit anyone's skin.
Hope this helps.


  1. I used to love Simple products but now they're just too strong for my skin!

    1. aww i find them really gently lol what do you use? xx

  2. I purchased the face wash by simple and I also found that my skin appeared clearer after just a few days using it. I might go back and get some more, i hope the offer is still on!

    1. yes the offer is still on, i found it so amazing couldn't believe how much better my skin looked lol xx

  3. i picked up the simple face wash in boots the other day but i'm glad i didn't buy it! defiantly heading to superdrug for half the price! fingers crossed it helps my skin.. swear i have used everything and it does nothing ha :( x

  4. I love simple products and your background looks nice!

    NRC ♥


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