Monday, April 9, 2012


The girl behind the blog.
Me doing mum things like gardening!

Hi guys.
Thought i would post something a little different today.
I call myself a fashion blogger as its easy and self explanatory when people ask 'what do you do?' but in reality yes i am a fashion blogger but a whole lot more.
If you have been reading my blog for a while you'll know i have a son, he was 2 in March and he is always on the go.
Although i wear clothes (like everyone else) and blog about that and day to day things that's really not all my day consists off. The majority is filled up with changing nappies, feeding him, constantly filling up the juice bottle, cuddling him when he falls down, cuddling him anyway, and just constantly loving the bones off him. Although doing this everyday is a lot it's also what i am and what i love most about life and that's being a mum.
So maybe next time someone asks me 'what do you do?' i should simply reply with 'well - I'm a mum, i do mum things'.


  1. This was a really lovely post, your son looks so cute.

  2. so cute :) your a yummy mummy!! xo

  3. And he's just the cutest kid ever :) You are one hot momma Steffani! If I look half as good as you when I have kids I will be over the moon xxx

  4. He is sooo cute! You just proved to everyone out there that just because your a mum it dosn't mean you automaticly become an old lady. I can kinda relate as im a full time nanny,i look after 15 month old twin boys 8-7 everyday. They think im there mum lol but i still get this feeling that people wont take me seriously unless i say im a fashion blogger rather than im a nanny. x

  5. this post is lovely. i can totally relate to it.. being a mum is the best thing! p.s. your son is soooo cute x


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