Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nicole Levy PR Day 
Top - EBay
Trousers - H&M Trend
Shoes - JC Litas
Cuffs - H&M
Bag - TK Maxx

Nicole Levy PR day
From top to bottom
Felice Couture 
Giles&Brother (jewellery)

Hi guys.
So on Thursday Charlene and i went along to the Nicole Levy PR day event in Shoreditch. Nicole was showcasing some amazing clothes, from basic T's to glamorous dresses. 
I've never been a Toms kinda girl but after seeing some on display i may be swayed to get a pair, the patterns they have coming out are mental!
I also cant wait to get my hands on a LNA top who in my opinion epitomize casual chic. Their tops are basic but with a twist so defiantly check them out. I want one of their white T's to wear with boyfriend jeans - Ohh yeah! Also Racheal Bilson is a big fan of this brand!
Lashes is an ultra girly clothing line, don't get me wrong perfect if your going someone that requires you look nice in a dress, but for me i don't know if i would wear any of the items. I do like some of their clothes though ;] 
Spirithoods - again not for me but the idea behind them is really fun and ideal for winter. I have one of those faces which just aint guna look right in a furry eared hood ya'know. But again i do really like them but not the price!
I really have to mention the Felice Couture Collection. The gold lace trousers, omg. This is by far my favorite  collection all the items look so delicate and are so beautifully made, also the lace is the same as Kate Middleton's wedding dress apparently.
If you want to know when any off these collections are available and where to buy them just tweet me @steffanilouise and i shall let you know as they are all coming out different times, and different places.
Overall it was such a lovely day and Nicole was so lovely, we also got to chill on her roof terrace which is where the first pictures was taken.
Love Steff

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