Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blogroll 001

 India Rose.

I haven't posted about a blogger that i absolutely cant stop stalking for ages if not ever so i thought the time is right to introduce to you the gorgeous lady that is India Rose.
Unless you've been under a rock for a while you've probably  come across her blog, If not here she is.

Her style for me is everything i want to be wearing when the sun is out. 
It's so refreshing to find a blogger that doesn't wear everything in Topshop and wears vans instead of Litas!
Cant wait to see what she wears next.

You can follow her blog at - www.indiaroseblog.blogspot.co.uk



  1. love it! follow me (and leave a comment to let me know) and i'll follow you back xxx


  2. Oh my god, I was only on India's blog the other day! Love all her outfits, especially the accessories! x



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