Friday, June 1, 2012

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DIY Friendship Bracelets

You will need
A metre of string with balls on (i choose silver plastic)
Embroidery thread in any colour
A metre of black cord (Leather cord works well but i used a thicker cotton cord)

Start by wrapping the string of balls (never thought id say that!) round your wrist to get the right length. Cut it about 3 beads short.

Wrap the black cord around your wrist and double it up. Cut this about 7cm longer than what you want.

Start by tying a knot with the embroidery thread around the black cord and then begin wrapping the thread around the cord, making sure it is tight and there are no gaps. Do this for about 3cm worth.

Depending on how big the string of balls are will determine how many times you have to wrap the embroidery thread around each ball. On mine i have wrapped each ball 3 times.

Place the string on top off the bottom of what you have just wrapped and then continue to wrap your thread around each ball making sure the balls are in line and in the middle off the black cord.

Keep going until you reach the last ball then wrap the thread around the cord again for about 3 cm worth and then double knot it. Check to see if it fits your wrist nicely if so knot the black cord, if not continue to wrap around the cord a bit longer.

Trim any excess.

Lastly seal the ends of the black cord with a lighter et voilĂ .

If you just can't be bothered i do sell these at £3.00 free p&p in any colour. if you would like one leave a comment below or email me at or even tweet me @steffanilouise ;]

*this is just how i do them, measurement's are approx. 



  1. I love this DIY, it's fantastically brilliant! thank you for such a great idea :)

  2. ohh thats such a great diy, i never thought of this haha! & i know right, i never need to shop again haha! x

  3. nice post!

  4. great DIY. Bookmarked this post.. will try it today!


  5. This is such a good idea :) they're so expensive to buy in stores. They look amazing! :) x

  6. I've been thinking of making some friendshop bracelets! These look great :) x

  7. OMG GENIUS! I'm so gonna try and do this!

  8. I'm definitely doing this in the summer. So cute and easy!

  9. Great tutorial! That looks so easy...

  10. Aww thanks for sharing this, these look so cute and easy to make! Do you think it would look cut to have different coloured thread throughout too, like stripey? x x


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