Monday, June 4, 2012

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Hi guys.

So if you follow me on twitter (@steffanilouise) you might have seen that i said i had some exciting news.
So here it is.
I have started working with the fashion team at Migmag as a Fashion columnist.
My first article is already up you can see it here.
At the moment i don't know how regularly i will be posting over there but i am hoping to keep it quite often.
I shall be posting basically what i do here except for outfit posts. So anything from DIY's to latest trends.
I'm super excited to have this opportunity and I'm hoping you guys will like what i write.
Now I'm guna whore my name out ;]
Please go check out their website it's also I'll take any type of comeback, and what you guys would like to see more off.
I have so many ideas bouncing round my head right now i may explode, so please go check out Migmag and let me know what you think.

Thanks guys

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  1. Ahhh well done that's such an amazing oppourtunity! :) I can't wait to read all your posts, just read the first one and its amazing! :) xx


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