Thursday, June 28, 2012

Outfits //

Tie dye with a touch of neon
Top - H&M
Jeans - DIY
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Sunglasses - H&M
Shoes - Zara via eBay
Bracelets - Handmade/H&M

Im finally back with what I would call a decent outfit post. Can you see all my pictures are the same width huh? Took me ages and now i just wanna slap myself for being dumb!
So I bleached the crap out of these old jeans a few nights back and im so happy with the outcome. 
What do you think?
Right I think we need to talk about these shoes. Originally £49.99 from Zara - Sold out obvs, then the other night sat searching for neon shoes on eBay (like you do) I found these. Brand new size 6 no box £20. Thanks love. I'm not going to lie I am slightly obsessed with them, hell tonight I may kiss then goodnight - we'll see.
So I hope everyone is well, looks like the sun is going to make an appearance again so that will be nice. What will you all be doing?
I should have a lot more post's like these soon as I made a naughty (loads) of purchases in the Zara sale! Anyone else get anything from the sale? Let me be nosey

P.s - I've got rid off the ombre, time to grown up as im 22 in 2 days WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!


  1. I love the jeans they turned out so nicely! Those shoes are amazing, I'm so jealous you got them for only £20 :)xx

  2. The jeans look great and the shoes are amazing! I bought a few things out the Zara slae last night, can't wait for them to get here :) xx

    1. aww i cant wait to see what you bought, im so nosey lol :] xx

  3. Your shoes are great! Check out my giveaway, if you like.

  4. Love those little neon beauties!! If you ever need them looked after ;) xx

    1. hahahaha, i'll be sure to keep you in mind love ;] x


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