Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gifted | Bags of love printed canvas

Hi guys.
So i was contacted by the lovely Pina of Bags of love last week asking if i would like to review a little sumfin sumfin (she didn't ask quite like that ;]). I immediately jumped at the chance after i saw she prints canvases as i have been meaning to get one done for my mum of my son.

When i say this I'm not lying - i have never had the pleasure of emailing a nicer lady than Pina. Literally she emailed me on the Monday by Tuesday she had finished it and on Thursday i got. Amazing.
The results were so amazing as you can see from the pictures, but its so much better in real life you can see all the hairs on his face - every little detail is perfect and its not pixelated what so ever.
Needless to say my mum was a happy bunny upon receiving this little beauty ;]

I believe the canvas Pina printed for me is 50cm by 40cm and i believe that it is around £55 which i personally think is really good considering the size and the image quality. You can get smaller canvases starting at 30cm by 30cm with a price of £29. 
I really think this site is lovely for special occasions or if you just want to get a photo printed in a different way, they offer other print services as well other than canvas printing so please take a look.
Hope you like and please let me know if you decided to order any i would love to see how yours turn out :]


  1. awrrhh ur son is soo cute, ive been meaning to get a canvas of me and my boyfriend just havn't gotten round to it yet!!

    1. aww thanks babe, yeah they do really good ones babe check them out xx

  2. That looks fab, what a cute picture!!

  3. Wow that's such awesome quality (what an adorable little spring too). I've been looking for a decent photo canvas printer so thanks for the heads up, it's really good to see how they actually turn out!

    The Style Rawr!

    1. thanks babe, yeah let me know if you get one would love to see how yours comes out :] xxx


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