Friday, July 20, 2012

Review | Montagne Jeunesse Spa Masks

I was contacted by the team at Montagne Jeunesse last week asking me if i would like to review their latest line of masks.
I have used so many masks over the years and i generally find MJ to be the best. Not only are their formulas thick i think you get more than enough to cover your face in the pack. So when i was asking to try these i couldn't wait.

Ohhhh i really want to love these but i can't, and here's why - Firstly these are their new masks which unlike the previous have a cloth soaked in the clay that you just lay on your face and let it get to work. Sounds like a great idea but i personally can not get on with it. I layed it on my face like the instructions say to do and left it on for 15 minutes (uncomfortably left it). Honestly in the 15 mins the mask done nothing, it felt uncomfortably to big for my face, it also felt like the cloth would fall off if i moved my face. If you follow me on instagram (steffanilouise) you will find a rather attractive picture of me with the mask hanging off.
All in all i wont be buying these i will be sticking to the original mask.
Sorry for the bad review but i have to be honest. 
Obviously these are only my views and opinions with this product so it may be different for you.
hope you liked.


  1. I can't wait for mine to arrive, to see if I'll love or hate them like you! Damn postmen on strike.


    1. ohhh no i hope you get them, would love to hear what you thought about them xx


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