Friday, August 10, 2012

Life | Incased Personalised Phone Cases

Personalised phone case - c/o Incased

I was contacted by the lovely folks over at Incased recently asking me if i would like to design two phone cases that tie in with my blog. Off course i jumped at the chance as i have been after a phone case for my Samsung Galaxy S2 for ages but never found the right one.
I have so many images saved on my computer like different patterns, illustrations, quotes etc.... and knew I had the perfect images for these phone cases.

So let me give you the back story on these images. First off, i hold no credit to these designs, if they are yours please contact me and I'll credit them but i have found them via google over the years.
The case that has the quote 'This too shall pass' has to be my favourite quote ever, also my life mantra. I'm not going into detail about why it is - it just is ;]
I choose the Aztec illustration as i really love the design and the pastel colours, its not bright nor dull its just right, and i have been looking everywhere for one like it too no avail - so i thought i may as well make one. It is also my Twitter background (@steffanilouise) and was my blog background when i first started this journey of fashion fun ;]
I'm so happy with how these cases turned out i really couldn't ask for anything better also the guys at Incased made it super fast.
Obviously as these are designs that i have saved over the years i choose the personalise button on their website but they have plenty on pre made designs that are also amazing.
I recommend you check them out if your after a new phone case but just haven't found the right thing...Go make one ;]
Love Steff


  1. they're so lovely, love both of them!

    Julia x

  2. I love the idea of these cases Steff, yours look great! Will have to take a look : )

  3. These are lovely, gunna have to get one when I get my new iphone! x

    1. i know they are so cool :] you can have any image put on them if you want xx

  4. oh my gawwwwwd this is so amazing! Off to check out this website now for sure x

  5. So pretty, Eve just got an Iphone 4 so I will definitely be looking for some cute unique cases :)

  6. I really happy to hear about this. I love it. Thanks for a lovely sharing.


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